CS403 Current FinalTerm Paper 24 August 2016

CS403 Current FinalTerm Paper 24 August 2016

Q1 Difference B/w vertical partitioning and horizontal partitioning. 2 marks

Q2. Difference B/w Dense Index and Sparse Index. 2 marks 

Q3 Describe the WHERE clause and HAVING clause. 2 Marks

Q4 Discuss any two situation of concurrent Access of data? 2 marks

Q5 when a query a sent to the database to find any specific value and an index is not being used….. 3 marks.

Q6 statement was given need to create view using sql commands 3 marks

Q7 Create a simple index, named “PersonINDEX”, on the CNIC field of the Person table. 3 marks

Q8 this question is about SQL statement create view … I forgot statement ….   3 marks

Q9 Analyze the statement given below and identify each statement as correct or or incorrect. Justify your answer in either case.
1. “Durability ensures that committed change in the database can be lost due to any failure.
2. Transaction is a divide unit if work and execution of half transaction must be perform to preserve the data integrity

Q 10 If a table 1 and table 2 have same entity and the table 1 is 20 index and the table 2 14 index. Then the sequential file access use these operations (Insertion, updation or selection) on both table. Keep in mind the above scenario and mark the below given statements correct or incorrect. (Marks 5)
I. Insertion in table 1 take greater time than table
II. Updation in table 2 take greater time then table 1
III. Retrieving a record from table 1 take lesser time than table 2.

Q 11 Given that attributes as follows assigns them different data type.
Stu-ID, Name , DOB , Stu-PIC, Degree-ID
Data type = varchar, char , date, BLOB.

Q12 two column are given about Query, Database and physical and logical view need to match column A and column B . 5 marks

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