CS401 Current FinalTerm Paper 24 August 2016

CS401 Current FinalTerm Paper 24 August 2016

Mcq’s were totally from past moaz file.

1. Which processor’s instruction set allows the following instruction and describe what task will be performed by each of these instructions?

CLR (A.3)
EXG D0, D2
MOVE, B (A1), (A2)
MOVE A (2222). L, A4
2. What is the purpose of Abort?

3. The processor uses I/O ports for communicating with peripheral devices, suppose processor desires to communicate with some peripheral devices. In this scenario, which instruction will be used to read or write I/O ports.

4. What is the functionality of CLI instruction.

5. Which area of floppy disk is reserved for storing the data of stored file.

6. Describe the purpose of firmware with example.

7. What is transient program area of memory and for what purpose this area is used.

8. Fill it, using in INT 21 services to create or truncate file.
AH = ??
CX = ??
DS, DX = ??
CF = ??
AX = ??

9. How many bytes are used to make the structure of process. Control block in assembly language programming and what these bytes store?

10. Write any single difference and similarity between INTEL and MOTOROLA 64K processor.
11. What values are required for following registers to write a character on serial port using INT 21
AH = ?
AL = ?
DX = ?

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