CS304 Current FinalTerm Paper 23 August 2016

CS304 Current FinalTerm Paper 23 August 2016

1. code was given and asked to write output.

2. Write a template function that returns the average of all elements of an array. The argument to the function should be Array name and size of an array.

3. Define public and private inheritance with examples.

4. Code was given and asked to write logical errors.

5. We can achieve specialization from which of the following
public inheritance
private inheritance
protected inheritance.

6. Can we initialize a class if a constructor and destructor are declared as private. Justify.

7. What is meant by Stack Unwinding

8. Suppose person class is an abstract class which has some specific features. Briefly describe important features of abstract class.

9. What are non type parameters for template. 

10. What is anonymous base class object. Give an example.

11. If we declare a function as friend of template class then will it be a friend for particular data type or for all data type of that class. Justify.

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