CS302 Current FinalTerm Paper 22 August 2016

CS302 Current FinalTerm Paper 22 August 2016

Q1: In ( ABEL ) source file contain module which have three sections, Name any two ?

Q2 : Draw circuit diagram of NAND gate  based on S-R Latch?

Q3: Draw the symbols of operationed amplifier ( op - Amp) ?

Q4: How can a serial in | Parallel ot register act as serial in  / Serial out register ?

Q5: How can we found the frequency of an unknown signal ?

Q6: Why some counters like ( 74HC163 ) are called pre -set counter ?

Q7 : Analog to digital conversion exhibit different types of errors  ? Explain any two types of errors ?

Q8:  A tri state buffer can used as not gate and as a high impedance state , draw the block diagram which show above two operations of tri - state buffer ?

Q9: Draw state diagram also find input and output on when switching to next .

         State                     a             b         b         c    a
        Input                     1             0          1         0

        Output                  0              1           1        0

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